Property Management

Austplan management is a one-stop service company that is unique in property management and investment.

  1. Begin with an initial investment consultation which involves discussing the location and facilitation of the property purchase
  2. Provision of Legal and Accounting services
  3. Financial and Insurance reuirements
  4. Listing of the chosen property for lease
  5. Selection of tenants
  6. Setup accounting and reporting
  7. Ongoing management by our team

Property management is an ongoing hands on process that requires content work and attention to detail. Austplan Management is very focused and abides by the principle of “we take care of everything down to the smallest detail”. We believe every detail translates to the best outcome for the property owner. It is this attention to detail that determines the quality of management. 

Free Walk Through

Before closing, we will arrange the walk through for the owners following the signing of the management agreement.

Rental Market Research

In order to obtain the best renal outcome, we use different market research methods and software that helps us to compare and analyse market trends based on the geographical location.

Screen Tenants

Screening of potential tenant background and rental history including personal and financial history. This helps to ensure our property investors with trustworthy tenants.

Assist HOA Approval

We help and assist the chosen tenants to move-in to the property as soon as possible (based on what the HOA may require)

Rental Agreement & Extension

We represent you as the owner to prepare the rental agreement as well as future lease extensions and increases in renal prices.

Resolve Tenant Conflicts

We act on behalf of you as the owner to resolve any disputes such as collection of late rent fees, possible eviction and any legal matters.